Storyteller or story seller?


I like this photo. It reminds me that it isn’t just an inanimate screen that I’m telling my stories to, but real flesh and blood people who want to be moved by a story.

It came to mind when somebody recently said: “In fact when you’re writing for companies so that their stuff gets sold, you can’t still be serious that you’re a storyteller. You’re nothing more than a story seller.” I dare to disagree with this friend.

The thing is: whatever you do, you can’t fool the audience. Like flies to honey, people are always eager to hear what you have to tell. But, if expectations aren’t met or if the story isn’t genuine – if they can’t connect – it’s just a matter of time till you lose your audience.

Yes, stories might move people to buy something, but only if the story means something to them. Only if the story is told in such a way that it brings about a change that will move people to act.

Good storytellers, don’t need to sell anything. The effect of the story does it for them.




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