Getting to the dot …. or point

OK….now try and find the 12 dots. Found them? So, you know they’re all there, but it’s impossible to see then at one glance. Why? Because we humans have a limited peripheral vision.

That means that means that if we focus on one dot, we can’t see the ones on the side. It’s an optical illusion that has been keeping many people busy recently. In fact, it’s been driving them nuts that they can’t see all dots at once.

Which got me thinking: pity there isn’t something similar out there regarding business reports. Those lengthy ones. Which are lengthy because someone (or everyone) is afraid to leave out one or more points.

This wonderful picture shows that the clearest point is the one that is in the centre of our vision or attention. The more obvious, the more likely we’ll notice it. The other dots simply don’t count at that moment.

So: Get to the point and nail it!