Who am I?

I’m a freelance copywriter, storyteller and communications consultant working under the name ANGLOTEXT.

Because I am a native speaker of both English and Dutch, I write in both languages. I was born in the Netherlands, but travelled the world living in Jamaica, Indonesia, Zimbabwe and the UK. I studied English Language and Literature at Leiden University over here in the Netherlands.

Working for international and local companies

Since setting up business in 1990, I’ve been lucky enough to work for a vast array of people and companies. I’ve written articles for magazines, blog posts, annual and strategic reports, corporate books, many websites and am currently busy writing my first non-fiction book.

I enjoy writing.  Every day. Why? Because every piece of writing challenges me to tell a new story. And there are so many stories out there that I haven’t yet written. I’ve hardly scratched the surface.

And speaking about things I enjoy doing: I also thoroughly enjoy coaching and helping others to write their own stories. Writing and storytelling are crafts that can be acquired. But, maybe more importantly, I’ve found that they are crafts that can make things happen in the real world.

info@anglotext.nl | +31 6 17430883

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